WordPress Maintenance Service

Maintaining your WordPress site is crucial to the success of your business. WordPress backups, WordPress core updates, plugins, issues with the site. Everything is taken care of by us, including addition of pages & posts on your site.

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Support & Consulting

Dedicated Support & consulting is just an email away. Sometimes, things could just go wrong with your website. For such and all other circumstances, we have you covered. We jump in to diagnose the issue and get them sorted asap.

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A Fully Managed WordPress site:

  • We go beyond just hosting & maintaining your site for you. You see, we are WordPress experts. We have years of experience designing, developing, maintaining & hosting WordPress sites for our clients.
  • We can translate that experience to your advantage. We can diagnose issues faster, we can give you the right recommendations, tips & solutions.
  • Along with a fully managed hosting environment, we also provide friendly advice & consultation. We also provide dedicated support and maintenance for your WordPress site.
  • We go as far as adding pages/posts to your website. Minor design changes if required. Add/delete images, videos, content from your website.

So, we not only provide you with a fully managed hosting but also provide you with a fully managed WordPress site. Hosting is just a part of it.

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What is included?

Fully Manged Website

Your website is indeed fully managed by us. We can add posts/pages for you. Edit your website content like images, videos, pages, posts etc. We even go as far as making minor design changes for you.

Fully Managed Hosting

All aspects of your hosting is taken care of by us. Whether it is DNS, Email issues, HTTPS, SSLs, Domain issues etc. You name it and we have you covered.

Experience & Expertise

We bring with us our years of WordPress experience and expertise. Which translates into better advice, tips, faster solutions & resolutions, when things go wrong.

WordPress Core Updates

It is vital that your website runs on the latest version of WordPress. That’s why we make sure that your website software is always up to date.

Plugin Installation & Updates

Running outdated plugins are dangerous. We update them from time to time. We can also handle installation of new plugins for you.


We take regular backups. In case something goes wrong the website can be recreated using the backed-up files.


When you host with us we ensure that the server settings are as secure as they can be. So that your site in turn stays safe & secure from online threats, and operates at an optimum level.